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    Ptycash.com is an automatic platform that streamlines the exchange from one digital currency to another digital currency in an instant manner.
    The platform works automatically 24/7/365. You can change TRC20 to Perfect Money or Perfect Money to TRC-20 instantly, for example. Just select the exchange direction and follow the instructions. 2+ years history: we opened our service in March 2019 through facebook and 2019 by www*amr*wallet*com For old domain government issues we open Ptycash.com
    The majority of our customers come from referrals from other customers and that fact gives us great pride. We have built our reputation in time through quality of service. Take a look at the testimonials posted by our customers here. There are thousands of testimonials to go through.
    Reliable and Secure
    We've built a system that allows us to ensure that we take the utmost care in securing and protecting your privacy & security. We are using namecheap SSL to secure us.
    Easy to use
    We aim to make every aspect of exchanging as simple and convenient as possible trying to offer you a stress-free experience with a focus on delivering a great user experience along the way.
    You can expect the same 110% dedication regardless of the amount of your exchange order. At asiapaid.com, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service support.
    We hope you enjoy our service as much as we enjoy offering it to you.
    If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.